Abandoned Toy Factory

What happened in this huge building that was supposed to make children happy with adorable dolls and cool cars? Well, in Poppy Playtime you are the only person who can discover the truth! Let’s start the game to figure this out!

You went to this Abandoned Toy Factory alone to find out why your coworkers went missing one day. But you quickly regretted that you hadn’t brought weapons with you. The thing is, the frightening blue doll is alive and wants to reach you. And who knows what he is doing with his poor victims. You first meet him in the second room.

The moment you see his huge figure, you understand that this creature is your main enemy. He quickly disappears, and now he will chase you during the whole game. And be ready for unexpected screamers, because any moment he can jump on you to scare and tease you. So your aim is to quickly discover all secrets and escape this building. But how can you do it?

Quests take a huge part of this game. In Poppy Playtime you need to solve easy and difficult riddles and complete exciting quests using all your skills and items lying around. You also receive a special tool. The two hands that are attached to your back reach every item you need.

Also, some doors open, if you press the special button that is shaped like a palm. And you should also use the right color of the hand to the buttons. With their help you are able to push lever arms, connect wires and complete other cool quests. If you need help, you can watch special cassettes on TVs. There you will also discover the story of this terrifying place and get necessary answers.

Enjoy the latest update on this site. Go and play it right now. You have full access, so use it to relish the walkthrough.