Deltarune Сhapter 3

The psychedelic approach to creating Deltarune Chapter 3 reaches out to new users on the web. What awaits the players and what secret characters await you here? Who will be the boss in this chapter? A walk through buildings, highways and other locations, where you will find clues about what awaits you next. It is easy to predict what will happen to you here, but it is not certain when it will happen.

A secret boss awaits you in the catacombs, who will tease you about your freedom. Fight him or find a way out, how to escape, until you see Game Over again on the screen. But whether the end is the end or just the beginning depends on the location you are in.

Arrange races on rails with other characters. A simple drawing does not distract from the most important thing – survival and escape. How much patience you have to wander through abandoned buildings and streets with heavy traffic in order to understand your next steps.

Other characters will cheer you up. You can not only interact, but also observe what mistakes they make during the races. Chris rips out his heart again and the sharp rays of the flame testify to his superpowers. How to use it and what does it mean? What does this development want from you and what decision needs to be made in order to successfully complete this play.

Different colors change each other and you can create your own avatar. The alternate universe is inhabited by monsters and wants to devour you. There are many different symbols and references that only a select few can make out.