Garten of Banban

Brave travelers often open all doors. But in your case, this truth did not work. And behind you slammed the only way to the surface. And here you find yourself in a space underground. But it doesn’t look like it’s been here before. Where did it come from and what secrets does it hold? Welcome to Garten of Banban.

Here you will find a sea of amazing puzzles. Behind them are various comic and horror situations. You will meet a bunch of diversified monsters. Find among them at least someone who does not want to betray everything. And go immediately to the clues to the mysteries of this place.

It seems that this is the only way out of here – to find out the whole truth about the perfect rituals and atrocities of this underworld. Find useful items that will come in handy. And do not forget that a gloomy secret atmosphere reigns around you, in which horror lies.

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