Piggy New Update

Piggy’s new journey through the Roblox universe. Now your character has become even more cheeky and he has to destroy other players. A multiplayer platform for lovers of simplicity. Try not to miss the opportunity to set a trap, and someone will surely fall into it.

Piggy New Update is a very short story from a sensational cycle. Your hero now has a wide variety of skins and weapons. 10 minutes of real combat, where you can go down the stairs and place your traps in an invisible place. Also catch the opportunity to observe the process of energy recovery, which will determine the number of traps. In addition to traps, you can place black holes and much more. Some traps will not require the maximum amount of energy from you.

Traps do not work all the time and are running out. Will you have time to catch someone in it? The player has a starting ability to run fast and this allows him to run far from the piggy. Try to take advantage of this opportunity at the very beginning to break away from the pursuer.

You have the ability to use a magnifying glass in your arsenal, which will show all the traps in the room for 6 seconds. In addition, you can create your own clone, which will distract Piggy from the real player. While the pig is hunting for your doppelganger, you will have a chance to hide from the villain.

Do not forget that you need to not only hide, but also to escape from this building in order to wipe Piggy’s nose. There are references to other characters here. Some of your friends have become monsters because of the poison. Will you be able to save them or will they remain prisoners of pigs here and will also hunt you?