Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Only a couple of weeks passed since the release date, but this product is already on the top of the horror genre. The Internet is full of theories about the main antagonist in Poppy Playtime, and a bunch of popular creators already made a lot of content about it. How about you play it yourself and discover all the answers on this site? Let’s try!

What is waiting for you inside?

In Poppy Playtime you are an average worker from the toy factory that was delivering cool and beautiful dolls, cars and other playthings to the city. The amount of children you made happy is huge, and the job was going pretty well. But one day something happened.

As a result, all workers went missing, except you. The factory was closed, and now it is staying empty. Years passed, and you decided to return to this building to figure everything out. But when you step in the hall, you understand that the thing that destroyed everything here is still in the building. There are tons of broken dolls lying around. And you can see fresh prints everywhere. First thing you can take and use are cassettes.

Using the TVs in the hall and other rooms you can find useful information about this story, controls and items you need. And after you watch the first video, get to the second room. That’s where you meet the main antagonist in this game – a huge blue toy.

Now – try to escape!

You think that it is an average toy, because this factory is full of them. But the moment you need to get a key from his hand, you realize that something is wrong. He is teasing you, and not giving you the keys. And when you finally get the necessary keys, he just disappears from this place.

That means the real adventure has started. And you are the main victim. So what do you need to do to escape and win in Poppy Playtime? Complete quests! You have a bunch of tasks and riddles you need to solve to move forward to your aim. During the game you will connect wires and press buttons, push lever arms and combine colors or get the codes. And remember that this frightening creature can jump on you every minute.

So you totally need help. That’s why Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 developers give you the special toy with two hands. You can lengthen them to grab necessary stuff and open doors. Get the full mechanism after passing a couple quests, and you are ready for the next adventures. Get to the end by completing quests and discover all answers that you need to hold your own investigation.

Prepare for the fascinating walkthrough and go play this terrifying horror. The controls are pretty easy – bend down, run and walk and grab things with your real hands and this special toy. And developers added the new episode 2 of it, so go and try it now!