Poppy Playtime Full Game

A cinematic introduction with a very smiling factory owner, who invites you on an excursion to the house of children’s wishes. Poppy Playtime depressing users at the beginning with a lyrical digression that will be a reference to the events of the game.

The dark video hides a rather intense play with powerfully drawn characters. Each toy has its own role here and no one dares to set foot on the path of learning the secrets of an abandoned toy factory.

Is there a gamer for whom Poppy Playtime will be an enchanting journey into the world of plush monsters? They strive to catch you while you wander within the walls of their building. They are sure that this shrine belongs only to them. The game will steal several hours from you before you figure out how to open all these doors, where to turn the knobs and which hand to touch the electronic key.

At Poppy Playtime, you will also find a theater where you can have fun with the Huggy Wuggy. Only the main idea is not to enjoy it, but to survive, taking your feet away from the blue monster that will chase along the narrow corridors of the factory. The game is fascinating and frightening at the same time. You need to get used to playing in order to discover the truth of the search for clues. What is hidden behind all these tasks and why, instead of joy, the factory brings fear?

The full action game is a cool example of virtual reality where you have to think before you do it. Everything in this game has its consequences. You cannot close one door before you open another. Who dares not stop until they get to the exit?