Huggy Wuggy Poppy Playtime

This monster will reach you even in the darkest rooms and smallest vents. And you can’t run from him, so the only thing you can do is to hope that he will go away. In Poppy Playtime you are going to survive with this frightening creature and discover the answers you came here for!

You play an average person who came to the abandoned toy factory to find out the truth about the scary accident that happened here. And you are also an ex worker of this factory, so all rooms and halls are familiar to you. But the terrifying things happened, and now this huge building is standing here empty and dark, and all the mechanisms including doors aren’t working.

Everything that is because of the strange events. One day all the people in this factory went missing, except you. And in this game you are going to hold your own investigation of this accident. For this purpose, the developers of this game added a huge number of exciting quests.

You need to solve riddles and complete quests to move forward. For example, to receive your tool, you need to push the right lever arms. But you have a problem, they are missing and lying around the room. And the game is full of these puzzles and quests, so you totally won’t get bored. But remember that while you play, the creepy monster is chasing you!

Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy is the main antagonist of this thrilling horror. You first meet him in the hall, and think that he is an average toy that was made here. But somehow he became alive and disappeared right after you turned around to open the door. And now the high blue soft toy with a creepy smile and long arms and legs is chasing you in this.