Project Playtime

First of all, Project Playtime is valued for the atmosphere – darkness, suspense, suddenness. What makes this development stand out? First, great storyline. At times you will want to sob or destroy everything from anger. Music is a masterpiece.

The sound range is ideal for the game and only adds to its atmosphere. Gameplay – many puzzles, the solution of which allows you to go through the adventure. A bunch of documents and notes with hints and descriptions of events. Everything looks very organic and fits into the secrecy of Huggy and his family. Secret doors, safes, keys. There is enough of everything.

Plenty of zones. Fixed cameras for viewing rooms and darkness at the entrance to the door / going down the stairs can scare even the brave. Will there be screamers and other scarecrows? The very atmosphere and excellent balance will keep the player, if not in fear, then at least in suspense. With small mistakes, you can easily die.

You can even save only a certain number of times and desperate players will be able to enjoy the atmosphere. The presence of Easter eggs and passing ranks will do their job. Finding a new backpack, an extra pack of tips or a missing document will be your great happiness. You won’t be able to play without tousled hair.