Evil Nun 2022 Horror

The crazy nun has already sharpened her weapon and wants to deal with you suddenly. Her terrible face scares off with one look. A difficult clash of spiritual morality and the darkening of the holy face became the main idea for Evil Nun 2022 Horror. This character will be your biggest nightmare

You can customize sounds and images manually, select the appropriate mode and visual effects. How terrible will this survival be? What challenges await you in this version? What needs to be done to get out of this damned place alive.

The locations are not so terrible, but they hide their nightmares. This summer camp will surprise you with the nun’s capabilities. She will not only chase you, but also climb after you along the ventilation pipes and stairs. She has super cool features and this is no longer a simple walker.

Find clues behind doors or various items. Every little thing can mean something here. Watch if the nun has started moving and if she has opened the hunting season. She has terrible parenting methods. If she is not happy, she picks up a hammer and goes to raise the kids. What went wrong and where to do that happy woman from the pictures on the walls?

Hide in the closet if she’s already close. But be prepared for her bipolar disorder to be around the corner. Unbalanced events will make the player sweat hard so as not to be among her unloved students. Go through the building to seek shelter or climb into her personal belongings to find out the truth. Why did she turn into such a monster and what is hidden behind her evil smile?