The atmosphere is creepy for a picnic. It’s night, and it’s raining. Let’s get inside the house. But how can you do this if all the doors are closed? Any door requires a key, and this is where your Pacify adventure begins. You will find a note that says that they tried to save the girl with all their might, but then gave up. Why was it impossible and what kind of girl are we talking about?

The house evokes the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Ancient walls, statues and marble figures, various staircases and more. You will stumble upon wood. Find a use for it. You will stumble upon various barrels and other unnecessary bulky items that you can hide behind.

We bump into a girl in a white robe. And she clearly doesn’t look sane. What does she want from you and what kind of trouble are you involved in? She walks in strange ways, because the pursuit does not start immediately. There are dolls scattered all over the house that do the strangest things. She clearly wants to play with them. And not only with them. Burn all the dolls to find the next clue.

There are 5 keys scattered around the house. Find them all and explore the attic, study, courtyard, and basement. There are things there that will be useful to you for the following tasks. But one doll runs away from you and it is very difficult to catch it. Send her to the furnace, and follow the further development of events.

A strange ritual has led to the fact that the soul of your pursuer and the inhabitant of this dwelling is enclosed in two dolls. If the first doll was found by itself, then the second is safely hidden behind many doors. It’s not easy to get it. Hurry to find her and free the lost soul.