The Baby in Yellow 2 Secrets

The baby needs to be monitored closely, because small children require special attention. Especially if this is your job, which you voluntarily agree to. But there is something wrong with this baby. You are going to change her diaper, as she will immediately be upside down on the ceiling. Is it her superpower or something inhuman?

As soon as you put the mask on the baby, a strange toy will start appearing in different parts of the house. She will follow your every step. You have an office where you can play the previous version on your computer. There is a cry and you immediately break down to help the baby fall asleep. But what’s wrong with her? Why did she wake up if she is not hungry and what does she want?

Don’t you think her favorite toy has terrifying eyes? Why does the toy end up in other places, not at all where you left it? The phone rings and your stove starts to burn. What the hell is going on here and how to put out the fire? And what is this plush horror doing here again?

Instead of a toy, you ended up with hellish dregs who perform a ritual in the middle of the kitchen with your baby. Do you want to save her? But how to do that? The house has turned into a haven of evil doom, but you still need to get your job done.

The baby must be saved at all costs. Fight off these strange characters so that The Baby in Yellow 2 Secrets does not take your baby away from you and instill no one else in her. After all, you still need to somehow get out of this chaos before her parents return.