Bendy and the Dark Revival

Audrey fell into a crazy maelstrom of events, which absorbs her into a vicious circle. She has to kill all her rivals, from which she becomes very vulnerable. The more it kills, the weaker it becomes. The ink captures her body and she begins to slowly disintegrate.

The location is incredibly all-consuming. The color scheme is as monotonous as possible, which creates its own character for the passage. You need to explore all the places in this building in order to draw up a movement plan and know where the various monsters are hiding.

Bendy and the Dark Revival has the property of being imprinted in memory for a long time, as the plot is unusually catchy. You want to save the main character at any cost. At first, you only see a few details. But if you dig deeper, you will see a complete picture of what happened.

Ink runs down the walls and unusual things or images are pretty depressing and distracting from a simple passage. Everything goes in a circle here, and this cycle never changes. You will have a new object – a frame, with the help of which it is possible to see the hidden inscriptions. Can you figure out what exactly they mean?

Bendy is pictured here with various signs in his hands and is trying to confuse you. Follow not only intuition, but also clear prompts. Choose your weapon and go down to the basement to collect dark hearts. Go to Henry’s desk and find out what he wanted to tell you. Find keys or the necessary items to open all the doors and new secrets will appear as the previous quests.