Plague Inc 2021

A difficult time has come for the human race. People were exterminated in all sorts of ways: wars and battles. But the worst panacea for humanity is the invisible enemy. Small viruses captivate the planet and universal suffering begins.

You need to assemble an operational working group that will work for the benefit of saving people and help you in your mission. 4 levels of difficulty, of which one is for the most advanced gamers.

Pick a name for the disease and find the best location for your base. Free penetration to any part of the world should be available from it.

The first cases were found in one of the countries of the world. How do you react to this turn of events? Do not forget that life is in full swing here and all vital processes for countries are clearly displayed on the map. Airplanes fly and people continue to interact with each other. What will be the most important link in the spread of this disease?

There are honeycombs in front of you that will suggest ways to solve the problem. But not all of them are available to you, since funds are needed for any intervention in the natural environment of life. Start small, from propaganda to the most brutal measures to isolate a particular country.

The case is gaining serious momentum and the numbers are growing exponentially. Any help would be helpful, but would it be effective? Are you going to understand how the world works and Plague Inc 2021 will be a great start to the sense of how the world leaders work in the fight against the pandemic?